Kooikerhondjes van de Kytomba



Kyra's Winston v.d. Kytomba

Kyra's Witse v.d. Kytomba

Kyra's Whynot-Freaky v.d. Kytomba **

Kyra's Wieke v.d. Kytomba

Kyra's Willemijn v.d. Kytomba

Kyra's Wita v.d. Kytomba

Kyra's Willemijn Sara v.d. Kytomba

Kyra's Wanda v.d. Kytomba

Kyra's Winja v.d. Kytomba

**Uitleg van de Franse baasjes hoe ze op deze naam zijn gekomen:

The name is issued from very long discussions. The names that got the highest marks were

In W





The W selection was mainly driven by the “sound”  whynot : ouillanote : short, easy to call if we decide to call him like that every day.

Then in F (letter 2010 in France)




Each names got exactly the same marks even at the end of the short list

So Sarah calls her boyfriend who prefers Frikie

Then my sister in law said that 1) she accepts that we call our dog “Frikie” as the beloved pet that she take care during 14 years (25 years ago) 2) But the spelling is not “frikie” but “freaky” because she called him as the song “ Freaks”. I might say that in French “frikie” and “freaky” gave the same sounds.

We will call him “Freaky” but he will never know its spelling.

And at the end we liked a lot the two names together WhyNot-Freaky